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Our derma plane facial is brilliant for everyone! Especially to speed up cell turnover. It is a complete exfoliation and detox for the skin. Removing that top layer of dead, dry, damaged, dull skin reveals fresh, healthy glowing skin below. As well as this, it removes the peach fuzz hair from all over the face, leaving your skin completely smooth and glowing.

Express Dermaplane                                         £45

Luxury Dermaplane with LED or Mask    £65



Exfoliate, extract, infuse! 
REVEAL YOUR RADIANCE. Experience DiamondGlow - a next-level, non-invasive skin-resurfacing treatment. After just one treatment, skin appears brighter, fresher, tighter, healthier, and smoother with unclogged pores and more even skin tones. Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Roughness and dryness, dark spots and discoloration, and dull, congested skin. 

Diamond Glow Facial                     £120

Diamond Glow Facial                     £140

With Dermaplane


Skinpen is for all skin types, whether your concern is pigmentation, melasma, acne scarring, improving skin texture, anti-aging, enlarged pores, fine lines, and wrinkles, stretch marks, and overall skin quality.

SkinPen micro-needling is a procedure that uses Japanese medical-grade precision needles to create 100,000 microscopic micro channels per minute through the skin, to induce a natural wound-healing reaction. This process stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin fiber.

SkinPen x1                                            £150

SkinPen x3                                           £375

SkinPen x6                                           £725


For a flawless, super-hydrated, glowing complexion, try Aquagold® Fine Touch.

The Aquagold fine touch facial uses twenty 24 carat gold screw thread and hair fine needles to deliver a bespoke cocktail of ingredients tailored by your clinician for your personal skin goals. The micro-infusion facial device is applied to the skin, gently stamping to deliver the tailored Aquagold cocktails into the skin. 
Ingredients may include -Salmon DNA to help reverse the signs of aging and scarring and to revive dead skin cells and brighten skin. Hyaluronic acid with the main component being sodium hyaluronate, which is ideal for replenishing skins moisture to enhance overall skin appearance and texture, for a radiant glow.

 *All below include Dermaplane and LED light   


AQUAGOLD                                         £180

AQUAGOLD Profhilo                       £225


Low-level light therapy is a proven, effective and safe treatment for aging skin, acne and scarring, and various pain conditions. It is also non-invasive, non-toxic, and painless.
Blue Light -Acne treatment - a clear path to a radiant reflection. Anti-inflammatory, anti-redness, and anti-bacterial. 
Red Light - Anti-aging reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Brighten and tighten skin complexion. 


30 mins                                                      £30     

Course  x3 30 mins                             £75

60 mins                                                      £50

Course x3 60 mins                              £125


his anti-ageing treatment users Near Infra Red (NIR) light applied directly to the lower face and neck to restore the tone and tautness of the skin. There is no down time, no discomfort, just amazing results.

NIR is an effective, safe and non-invasive treatment for plumping out fine lines and wrinkles through stimulating your own natural collagen production. The light heats up the water content of your skin which stimulates the collagen, causing it to contract and tighten. This prompts your body’s own natural healing process to also start to produce new collagen to further tighten the overall appearance of your skin.


NIR Single session £95

NIR single session with dermaplane £120

NIR course of 3 £250

NIR course of 3 with dermaplane £310

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