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Experience the allure of naturally beautiful, healthy nails with a captivating shine. Our commitment to ethical standards shines through as we exclusively employ the finest Vegan and cruelty-free products, such as Gel bottles and BIAB, ensuring a flawless and guilt-free nail care experience.


Builder Gel Manicure                                       £30
Builder Gel with Gel Colour                          £32
Builder Gel French or Nail Art                     £35
(All above prices include infill/removal if done at Omorfia)

Gel Polish - Plain Colour                                 £25
(Hands OR Feet)
Gel Polish - Plain Colour                                 £45
(Hands AND Feet)
Gel Polish Remov
al                                           £10
(Hands OR Feet) 
Gel Polish Removal                                           £18
(Hands AND Feet)


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