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Introducing our groundbreaking Emerald Laser - the pinnacle of safe and efficient fat loss technology. Experience the distinct advantages of a non-invasive procedure that eliminates.

Emerald Laser

No Downtime, No Pain, No Bruising, NoFreezing, No Side effects

Our Emerald Laser leads the market in FDA-approved devices for circumferential fat reduction, boasting an exceptional average loss of six inches.

The Emerald Laser utilizes ten 532nm true green laser beams (monochromatic, collimated, and coherent). This innovative technique generates temporary micro-openings in fat cells, allowing the contained fatty liquids to escape. These liquids are naturally expelled via the lymphatic system, shrinking the fat cells rather than destroying them.

The beauty of this process lies in its transformative nature. Once shrunken, the fat cells begin to operate as healthy lean cells, transmitting accurate signals to the brain. This sparks a communication chain reaction throughout the fat organ, triggering other fat cells to release their content, reverting their hormone responses back to a positive state.

Previous techniques, such as fat freezing, centered on the complete eradication of fat cells. However, recent studies have exposed this approach as potentially ineffective, even harmful. In the worst-case scenarios, fat may regrow in other body parts or, more dangerously, around organs.

Please note that the cost of our service is determined per treatment area. This booking is intended for an initial consultation with the potential for treatment on the same day if appropriate. For aesthetic purposes, a minimum of 10 sessions with the machine is recommended.

EMERALD - All sessions of Emerald include 15 minutes on the front, 15 minutes on the back, and 20 minutes in our lymphatic drainage suit. 

Course of 6 £900

Course of 8 £1200

Course of 10 £1500

Body Balance - Lymphatic Drainage Suit

Single Session £75

Course of 3 £200

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