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Our OxyGlow facial uses patented technology to oxygenate the skin. Exfoliating the upper layer of skin to remove dead cells, unclog pores, smoothes the surface, and renews the skin. This treatment generates an abundance of CO2 bubbles triggering a physiological response, with instant glowing results. 


Exfoliate - OxyGlow exfoliates the upper skin layer to remove dead cells, open clogged pores, smooth the surface and renew the skin. The treatment generates an abundance of CO2 bubbles that diffuse through the upper skin layer to trigger a physiological response.

Oxygenate - OxyGlow harnesses the natural processes of the body to oxygenate the skin from within. During this effect, the body sends O2-rich blood to the skin to replace the CO2. This results in optimal skin oxygenation and increased cellular activity.

Infuse - At the same time, OxyGlow infuses nutrients, vitamins and selected active ingredients that nourish the skin and promote a healthier and smoother complexion.

Each unique Pod is made of 100% therapeutic active ingredients. These ingredients become fully active only when the treatment comes into contact with the skin, the oxygenation process begins. We have 3 active pods to choose from depending on your skin concern...

Red Algae Facial - for wrinkle reduction

Reduces fine lines & wrinkles. Increases firmness & elasticity. Helps to prevent premature skin aging.


Vitamin C Facial - For uneven tone and signs of pigmentation.​ 

Brightens and evens skin tone. Reduces signs of pigmentation. Protects from sun damage.


Activated Charcoal Facial - For oily & acne-prone skin.

Mattifies oily skinPurifies Clogged PoresClears toxins & bacteria.

OxyGlow Facial £85

OxyGlow with Dermaplane £105

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