Brows and Lashes

Open your entire eye area, improve face symmetry, transform

and frame your face, with our brow and lash services below.


Our Services

*Patch test required 48 hours before*

Dramatically enhance and transform your face with neat, fluffy, bushed up, or defined eyebrows. One size does not fit all!

HD Brows                                           £27.50

Precision Brows                              £30

Brow Lamination                            £42.50

Express Brows                                 £17.50

Men's Brows                                     £10


LVL Lash Lift

Lash lifting process, to enhance your natural lashes creating longer, thicker, darker lashes. Length, volume, lift! 

Individual Lash Extensions

Individual lash extensions involves applying a lash extension over your natural lashes. This means that one lash extension is applied to one natural lash.

SVS Lashes

Exclusive to Nouveau, SVS lashes – speed, volume and style – is a semi-permanent lash treatment that creates fluffy, impactful, volume lashes for up to 8 weeks.


LVL Lash Lift                                      £42.50

Lash Tint                                              £10


Classic Full Set                                £45

Natural Full Set                               £55

Volume Full Set                               £65

Infill                                                       £35

Mini Infill                                            £25

Nouveau SVS Natural                 £55

Nouveau SVS Volume                £70


Completely enhance your eyes with a package of brows & lashes for the ultimate transformation, at a discounted price.

*50% off Express dermaplane with all packages* 

HD & LVL                                            £65

Precision & LVL                                £67


Lamination + LVL                            £80